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Aboriginal Awareness
This course introduces the concept of culture to set the foundation for discussion of Canada's Aboriginal people including their values, concerns, and history.

Alcohol & Drug Awareness
This online Alcohol and Drug Awareness course emphasises the seriousness of being “fit-for-work” and identifies personal responsibilities as they relate to ensuring the health and safety of all workers.

Asbestos Awareness (Online)
This online course was created specifically to educate employees about the dangers of working with materials that may contain asbestos.

Bear Awareness
This online Bear Awareness course covers information that will assist in the identification of different bear species and to react appropriately should a bear be encountered in the wild.

Canadian Welding Red Seal Self-Assessment
This online exam is an effective tool for individuals and companies wishing to assess skill gaps prior to completion of a welders’ red seal challenge exam and for recruiters who wish to assess trade credentials of foreign workers.

Change Management
Why is knowing how to lead others through change so important? When organizations attempt to change, they need effective leaders who can guide others through the change. Otherwise, organizations often fail to live up to their potential.There are many reasons why change initiatives fail more often than they succeed. This course will show you how to avoid those mistakes and implement change positively and successfully.

Compressed Gas Cylinders
In today's work environments, compressed gas is used for many things such as refrigeration, welding, and heating. Compressed gas cylinders can be dangerous, and employees who work with them need to know how to handle them properly. This course provides the information employees need to handle and transport these potentially volatile storage containers.

Confined Spaces Awareness for Entrants & Monitors
This online awareness course provides an overview of confined spaces and explains how to safely manage confined space entries for workers who enter or manage entry.

Confined Space Safety Awareness
This online course will introduce you to the types of confined spaces and the associated hazards. You will learn about the activities within a confined space, and codes of practice. Different types of hazard controls are presented including: engineering, administration, and protective equipment. Worth 1 Gold Seal Credit.

Discrimination-Free Workplace
This course defines discrimination, outlines responsibilities for prevention, and explains appropriate responses to occurrences of discrimination.

Diversity & Discrimination Awareness for Supervisors
This course will help supervisors understand discrimination laws and actively promote diversity in the workplace.

Dog Bite Prevention
In this course, you’ll learn how to mitigate incidents with aggressive dogs and the context for how dogs came to be so intertwined in human civilization. You’ll also explore a variety of hazard controls and different behavioral techniques to reduce your risk of being attacked.
Dog Bite Safety
Knowledge and awareness give your employees the power to avoid or safely handle their interaction with dogs in their daily activities. Reduce your incidences of dog bite encounters by giving your employees the tools and knowledge they need when they need it. You will never need to worry about the scheduling complications of bringing your employees to a specific location at specific times.
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
This course outlines the importance of maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workplace to help ensure the well-being of workers.

Effective Communication for Employees
This online Effective Communication for Employees course helps employees understand how strong communication skills can improve working relationships, increase productivity, and promote career growth. This course is appropriate for employees in a wide variety of workplace environments.

Effective Communication for Supervisors
This online Effective Communication for Supervisors course helps supervisors build strong communication skills and promote development of these skills among their employees.

Emergency Procedures
This online course covers proper procedures for responding to a wide variety of emergency situations including medical emergencies, fires, natural disasters, explosions, bomb threats, hazardous spills, and acts of violence.

Exceptional Customer Service
This online Exceptional Customer Service course is designed to help you develop the necessary skills and attitude for delivering exceptional customer service and translate them into action on a daily basis.

Fall Protection Awareness
This online awareness course provides employers and employees with a basic understanding of workplace fall hazards and the workplace safety measures that can eliminate or mitigate those hazards. It also presents an overview of applicable Alberta legislated guidelines and industry practices corresponding to those hazards and control measures.

Fire Prevention and Response
This online course will provide the knowledge necessary to identify: elements of a fire prevention plan, the requirements for emergency exits, what to do in the event of a fire, and the classes of fire.

Fire Safety Awareness
This online course will provide the knowledge necessary to identify: elements of a fire prevention plan, the requirements for emergency exits, what to do in the event of a fire, and the classes of fire.

First Aid Awareness
This comprehensive online First Aid Awareness course is designed to provide information required to respond appropriately to injuries and medical emergencies. Each course module provides detailed instructions and demonstrations for administering first aid. This course is appropriate for those with or without prior First Aid training.

H2S Awareness
This online awareness course will provide information which is required to properly recognize, assess and control hazards that are associated with the H2S gas. The properties of H2S, the health hazards that are associated with exposure, the detection and monitory methods, and acceptable exposure limits of H2S will be discussed throughout this course.

Harassment Prevention Training
This online course defines and demonstrates various types of harassment, including Ontario Bill 168 and BC Bill 14, as well as explains supervisor responsibilities, employee complaint procedures, and the potential for legal exposure. This content developer is recognized by the International Competency Assessment Board (I-CAB) for its expertise in this subject matter and is listed as a competency development resource for I-CAB assessment participants.

Hazard Assessment Training
This online Hazard Assessment course provides an understanding of the importance of hazard assessments on the overall performance of health and safety management systems.

Hearing Conservation
Since 2004, the Bureau of Labour Statistics has reported nearly 125,000 cases of permanent hearing loss in workers. Simply being exposed to hazardous noise levels can result in hearing loss by damaging the hair cells directly connected to nerve endings in the inner ear. However, the extent of this damage and the severity of hearing loss depend on the amount of noise to which you are exposed and the duration of exposure time. This is an online course.

Heat Stress
Each year thousands of employees suffer the adverse effects of heat stress. Whether they work outdoors under the hot summer sun or indoors with equipment and machinery that give off high levels of heat, workers need to know how to recognize and prevent heat stress and other heat-related health problems. This is an online course.

Indoor Air Quality
This course uses a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text, and colorful graphics to help workers understand the potentially harmful effects of poor air quality. The course is divided into topic-based lessons to help learners understand and retain information on preventing, identifying, and correcting air quality problems.

Industrial Ergonomics
This course uses a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text, and colorful graphics to teach learners how to recognize ergonomic problems and their potential adverse effects as well as pragmatic solutions they can use to address these problems. The training program is designed for training on ergonomic problems found in manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse situations. It's divided into topic-based lessons so information is easily understood and retained..

Industrial Safety Orientation
The Industrial Safety Training System (ISTS) Orientation meets BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan legislative orientation requirements by introducing workers to the basic principles of hazard recognition, evaluation, and control. This is an online course.

Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM)
As Building Information Modeling (BIM) is adopted by more and more companies in the construction industry, its usefulness has expanded beyond the original design phase activities. This course positions BIM in the context of all phases of construction illustrating how to maximize BIM as a tool for the entire construction team. You will see how BIM fits into the construction workflow. It introduces the BIM philosophy in design, bidding, construction, commissioning, delivery, and as-built stages of construction.

Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC)
This online course teaches you the fundamentals of JHSCs so that your company can develop a committee that adheres to legislation and is unique to your workers, history, and environment.This course covers common ladder dangers, techniques for choosing the right ladder for a job, and how to use ladders safely to protect yourself and others from harm.

Ladder Safety Awareness
This online Ladder Safety course identifies hazards inherent with ladder work, provides safe practices to reduce or eliminate these hazards, reviews techniques for determining fall protection requirements, and provides strategies for determining how and when to inspect ladders.

Lead Awareness
This online course teaches learners about the effects of lead exposure in the workplace and how to work safety in environments containing lead.

Leadership in Safety
This online course is designed for supervisors, it helps participants understand their role in supporting their health and safety management system.  BC Housing - 16 CPD points, Group A
Leadership Vision
Leadership vision is vital to the long-term success of organizations. It gives managers and leaders the ability to create the future through the conceptualizing of a possible reality. Once a vision is established, plans can be made to bring it to life. This online Leadership Vision course explains the purpose and importance of a shared vision and provides strategies for creating and implementing it within your company.

Lockout Tagout in the Workplace
This online course covers the steps to correctly lock and tag out equipment, devices used for lockout tagout, and the elimination of potentially fatal hazards through implementation of proper lockout tagout procedures. This course also covers the legal requirements surrounding the lockout of equipment, potential consequences of not following the procedure, and how to create and maintain a written workplace lockout tagout program.
Office Ergonomics
This program emphasizes that safety does not happen by magic, but requires commitment and participation from everyone. This highly entertaining program addresses common hazards found in the office environment and motivates your employees to use best practices to ensure their safety.
OHS & the Law for Supervisors
This online course offers a comprehensive understanding of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and other key pieces of health and safety legislation for those in supervisory positions within the workplace.

Overhead Crane
This online Overhead Crane course covers types of cranes and lifting devices, how to inspect and safely operate them, and how to recognize the common hazards that surround their use.

Propane Handling & Exchange
This course will teach the basics of safe handling of both liquid- and vapour-withdrawal cylinders with a step-by-step guide to using, storing, and exchanging both, as well as how to inspect cylinders and deal with emergency situations. As well as the legal requirements for competency, emergency response, and first aid.

Sales Training
Sales are the lifeline for any organization and therefore it goes without saying that top sales people are extremely valuable. Top sales professionals can earn more than the average doctor or lawyer because when a person is great in sales, their earning potential is virtually endless.
Sexual Harassment for Supervisors
Sexual Harassment for Supervisors is an informative and interactive course designed to help your Supervisors learn or refresh their knowledge on the difficult, yet important, issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.
Slips, Trips, and Falls
This online course helps employees to identify hazardous conditions and unsafe practices that can lead to slips, trips, and falls in the workplace.

Slips, Trips, and Falls: Hazard Perception Challenge
This hazard perception course is designed to increase employee awareness of slip, trip, and fall hazards, and to foster proactive responses wherever hazards exist.
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many of the 14,000 oil spills reported each year are caused by industry activities resulting from storage tanks rupturing, pipeline leaks, and oil transport accidents. This course covers the harmful effects of spilled oil, the laws and regulations for oil pollution prevention, operating procedures, control measures, stopping spills, and how to respond to facility shutdown and evacuation. This is an online course.

Stormwater Management
Stormwater runoff can sometimes contain toxic or hazardous substances such as chemicals, petroleum products, pesticides, heavy metals, or other regulated contaminants. In these cases, the runoff can pollute our lakes, streams, and rivers. Because of this, new policies have been put in place to penalize businesses that fail to control stormwater runoff.

Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees
Substance abuse in the workplace is a serious issue. Drug and alcohol abuse reduces morale and productivity on the job and can endanger both the abuser and his or her co-workers. This online Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees course explains the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace.

Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors
This online Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors course helps supervisors understand how to recognize, document, and handle workplace situations involving substance abuse.

Team Building for Employees
Team Building for Employees is an informative and interactive course designed to help your employees contemplate what teamwork means in the workplace. The program focuses on how to be a better member of a highly productive team by improving communication, cooperation and commitment.
Team Building for Supervisors
Team Building for Supervisors is an informative and interactive course designed to help your supervisors contemplate what teamwork means in the workplace. It focuses on how they can better facilitate teamwork among employees to improve communication, cooperation and productivity.
Time Management
This course was developed for people who want to improve their productivity and effectiveness. It contains valuable strategies you can implement to improve your ability to manage your time more effectively. This course will show you how to identify and focus on activities that will provide you with a better return on your time invested.

Verbal Judo
This online course provides information that will prepare you to diffuse difficult verbal encounters while maintaining dignity and respect for those involved. The course also speaks to threat assessment, providing information to assist you in determining whether or not it is safe to engage. After taking this course, your articulation will be greatly improved, both written and orally.
Wastewater and Storm Water Management
This course provides a background on regulations and requirements for wastewater, storm water, and septic systems. Wastewater is generated during commercial or industrial activities where water becomes contaminated before it is discharged. Storm water contamination occurs where the runoff from precipitation events at industrial facilities picks up contamination that can adversely affect water quality.
Work Alone Awareness - Industrial Workers
This online course equips you with the information needed to understand laws concerning working alone. It teaches you how to recognize unclear and changing work alone situations and outlines practical ways to maximize your safety while working alone. Compliance requirements and employer obligations to employees are also presented.

Workplace Bullying & Violence for Employees
This course will examine workplace bullying and workplace violence. Both cause health, safety, and economic problems for employers and employees.
Workplace Bullying & Violence for Supervisors
This course will examine workplace bullying and workplace violence. Both cause health, safety, and economic problems for employers and employees.
Workplace Stress
This online Workplace Stress course uses a powerful combination of audio, full-motion video, text, and colorful graphics to help workers identify potentially stressful situations and learn how to cope with them. The course is divided into topic-based lessons so information is easily understood and retained.

Duration: 35 minutes
Workplace Violence Prevention
Many incidents can be prevented if a workforce is knowledgeable, watchful, and committed to creating a safe workplace community. This straight-talking, information-packed, practical, and personal Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention online course will provide the information needed to build the necessary community within your organization.


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