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Boom Truck Safety
This online Boom Truck Safety course is designed to provide you with the knowledge required to safely inspect, maintain, and operate boom trucks as well as read and interpret load charts.
Cargo Securement Flatbeds
Everyone who pulls a flatbed for a living knows that properly securing cargo to a trailer is key to safe and profitable operation. This online Cargo Securement Flatbeds course explains valuable ways to prevent load loss, trip delays, increased insurance rates, injury, and damage to cargo, vehicles and property.

Duration: 90 minutes
Hand & Power Tools for Construction
This online course explains the importance of hand and power tool safety in construction workplaces. This course is intended for all general construction workers.

Duration: 30 minutes | $49.95 +GST
Hydraulic Safety - Exposure Level
Designed for individuals who work on or near hydraulic equipment, this online course provides an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Hydraulic Safety in Construction
This course contains over 800 visual learning aids including numerous videos, animations, procedures, and reference documents. The goal of this course is to provide important knowledge that will assist in reducing risk and eliminating hazards for workers, equipment, companies, and the environment. This course in combination with a full hydraulic safety program will greatly reduce risk.This is an online course.

Duration: 5 hours
Ladder Safety Awareness
This online Ladder Safety course identifies hazards inherent with ladder work, provides safe practices to reduce or eliminate these hazards, reviews techniques for determining fall protection requirements, and provides strategies for determining how and when to inspect ladders.

Duration: 45 minutes
Ladder Safety for General Industry
This online Ladder Safety for General Industry course covers common ladder dangers, techniques for choosing the right ladder for a job, and how to use ladders safely to protect yourself and others from harm.

Duration: 45 minutes
Lockout Tagout in the Workplace
This online course covers the steps to correctly lock and tag out equipment, devices used for lockout tagout, and the elimination of potentially fatal hazards through implementation of proper lockout tagout procedures. This course also covers the legal requirements surrounding the lockout of equipment, potential consequences of not following the procedure, and how to create and maintain a written workplace lockout tagout program.

Duration: 90 minutes
Overhead Crane
This online Overhead Crane course covers types of cranes and lifting devices, how to inspect and safely operate them, and how to recognize the common hazards that surround their use.

Duration: 90 minutes
Portable Grinders & Abrasive Wheels
Grinders and abrasive wheels are common tools found in workshops throughout the country. If properly used, they are effective and efficient tools, designed for many different activities. However, when improperly used they can often become dangerous and sometimes lethal. This video will train your employees in the proper use of grinders and abrasive wheels so they can avoid injury.
Powered Industrial Truck Safety
This online course demonstrates various powered industrial trucks (PITs) and provides informatino on requirements and strategies for safe operation. Topics include: PIT types and their purpose; operating PITs; maintenance, refuelling, and recharging; and conditions that contribute to PIT accidents.
Scaffolding - Safety Training
This online course provides an introduction to the equipment, a section on anatomy, erection and dismantling, inspections, hazards, safe operation, and more. This course satisfies OHS’s requirements for the classroom portion of operator safety training.

Duration: 45minutes | $99.95 +GST
Scaffolds for Construction
This course will allow you to differentiate between various types of scaffolding and how and when each is used; explain the procedures and practices associated with scaffold assembly and dissassembly; identify safe and unsafe scaffold use and access practices; describe the duties of the competent person as well as what she/he should be inspecting.

Duration:  60 minutes | $49.95 +GST
Suspended Scaffolding Safety
This online course helps employees understand the dangers of working with scaffolds, and how these risks can be minimized by knowing the correct ways to erect, maintain, and use scaffolding equipment, and helps employers meet their training requirements.

Duration:  45 minutes | $49.95 +GST
Traffic Control Persons for Construction
This online Traffic Control Persons for Construction course explains the techniques, equipment, and legal requirements for traffic control persons in a construction environment. It explains the importance of wearing the proper protective equipment, how to effectively control traffic in a variety of construction scenarios, and lays out general safety and legal requirements.

Duration: 60 minutes

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