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Common Safety Orientation (CSO)

Online Course

The Common Safety Orientation (CSO) is intended for new workers in the oil and gas industry,  With content that is driven and endorsed by industry, the CSO provides consistent safety messaging that clearly explains safe work practices and eliminates the need for redundant general orientation training.

Course Content:

  • Personal accountablity for a safe work environment
  • Arriving ready to work
  • Major hazards in the oil and gas industry
  • The Life Saving Rules
  • Worksite Maintenance
  • Emergency preparedness and response procedures
  • Reporting incidents and near misses
  • Safe work communications
  • Contributing to a respectful work palce

Course Requirements:

  • Computer 
  • Web camera 
  • Headset or speakers
  • Internet access
  • Browser - Google Chrome    
  • Valid email
  • Government-issued ID


This course is proctored, which includes ID verification and confirmation of the person taking the exam.  If verification is compromised, certification will not be validated - the user will need to take the course.

Duration:  3 hours | $69.00 +GST


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Course Certificates

Self-print certificate upon successful completion.  Currently this certificate does not expire.

Course Contact Information

Jennifer Marte
Director of Education

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