Bridging the Gap in Health and Safety Management

Bridging the Gap in Health and Safety ManagementSICA’s Education Department continues to strive to provide our members and the industry with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy and safe work environment.  Knowing the legal requirements that must be met by all work places under the OH&S Regulation Act, SICA understands the processes and documentation involved to be compliant.  To help bridge the gap SICA now offers Consulting Services and a Health and Safety Management System. Our goal is to work together to identify your needs and what is necessary to educate both you and your workers.  

SICA recognizes the importance of creating a safe work culture by following the steps in the overall development of an Occupational Health & Safety Program.  
•    The first step is to establish your customized OH & S Program 
•    The second step is crucial; the program must be implemented to be effective  
•    The final step which can be very time consuming and sometimes onerous; management of the overall program  

Unfortunately gaps can occur in the process when these steps are not followed.  SICA can help you through the whole process: ordering, customizing, implementing and managing through our new Safety Management System.
Implementation = Due Diligence”, “Non-Compliance = Negligence” 

Worker training is an integral part of an employer’s due diligence which must be planned, researched, and managed for it to be effective.  Each workers specific job requirements should be examined so a detailed plan can be developed that addresses the training needs.  Training and certifications assures the organization of: 
•    compliance with regulatory requirements 
•    assists in effective management of risk 
•    promotes heightened productivity 
•    reduces costs 
•    clarifies roles

Training is also effective to ensure the skills, knowledge and attitudes of employees are more closely aligned to the organizations goals. Training at all levels of the organization ensures each person is aware of their responsibilities and the policies to be carried out.  If not, the legal ramifications can be serious!  By not adhering to the legal requirements you are at risk of an increased number of incidents and accidents, higher WorkSafeBC premiums, and the potential for individual and company fines which ultimately costs money and affects the bottom line.  

Practice due diligence, be informed and stay current on regulatory compliance by attending our Safety Meetings and join the discussion on that month’s topic. 

Do you need help managing your safety program?  With several years of combined experience, knowledge and expertise SICA provides a diverse range of custom-tailored services for your solutions. Along with our safety consultant, HSE and Training Advisor and our NEW complete interactive Safety Management System (SMS), let us help you “Bridge the Gap”.

SICA Education Department
Jennifer Marte, Director of Education
Leanne Hendrickson, Education Services Coordinator  

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