Connecting our Industry. 


As a Member you are a part of a collective voice, the SICA voice. Together, our voice is changing the construction community and helping your business grow through advocacy, networking events, affinity programs, direct business leads and more. Our voices promotes fairness, transparency and open communication in the construction industry. Join SICA to grow your business today and be a voice for our industry tomorrow. 

  • Become a trusted contact in the SICA Directory
  • Be a part of our regional Advocacy Initiatives
  • Get exclusive Members' Only Discounts


    Meetings & Events         Training

We understand the right connections are essential to measurable success. With our various events, dinners and conferences you will meet key players in the local construction industry. 

  • We host a variety of events that are sure to be  of interest.
  • Meet other industry leaders and develop your connections within the industry. 

We believe knowledge is power and one never stops learning. With that in mind, we provide applicable training courses for all levels within the industry.

  • Members of SICA save up to 40% off our education courses. 
  • Online learning or classroom training we provide educational programs that fit your lifestyle.
   Projects & Tendering       Advocacy & Lobbying

With access to BidCentral, BC's largest planroom, you can find and target the projects you want. Furthermore, our project services team is ready to assist SICA members with tendering pursuits and ensure your bid process is both efficient and fair.

  • Thousands of BC's construction businesses save time, money and resources using BidCentral
  • BC's largest network of projects and uplink to BC Bid

Our unique place in the industry allows the concerns of even our smallest members to be heard. We continue to address relevant topics locally, provincially through the BC Construction Association and nationally through the Canadian Construction Association

  • Support for members to local buyers of construction with respect to transparent and equitable procurement
  • Collective voice on behalf of the industry promoting fair tendering practices
  • Educating the industry on best practices

We understand that running your business is expensive; we leverage the size of our membership to secure applicable group deals for our members. Our growing affinity program has saved our members thousands of dollars on everyday purchases since its inception. 

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