Spotlight: Southgate Electric Ltd.

When was Southgate Electric founded?  
Southgate Electric has been providing electrical installations in the Kamloops region since 1986 and have been members of SICA since 1987.

What services does your business provide? 
Southgate Electric is a diversified company with a multitude of experience, consisting of new and modernization projects of all sizes. Southgate has been part of constructing pools, hospitals, offices, schools, and large residential projects, as well as providing commercial and residential service work.

What would you like SICA members to know about your business?
Southgate Electric has admirable relationships with local and surrounding general contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Projects they have worked on include: Sun Rivers Golf Community, Kamloops Aquatic Center, McGill Ridge Residences, Smith Chevrolet Oldsmobile, and Kamloops Hyundai lighting upgrades, Canadian Linens new build.

What sort of changes in the industry have you seen over your career, and what sort of changes do you see coming?
During Southgate's 34 years in construction, they have seen changes that include the bidding process, efficiency refinement, 'going digital', project planning software and a safety culture. Southgate has met the need for continual learning and safety; has diversified to meet community need and projects; has welcomed and created lasting relationships with apprentices as they progress through their learning and is already engaged in the COR Certification process.

What business goals do you have for the future?
Southgate Electric’s future goals include continued success in lean construction and collaboration, best product selection while remaining within budget, and completing projects focusing on sustainable initiatives.

Anything else you would like us to know?
Southgate continues to collaborate with various General Contractors on small renovations while growing and evolving, providing services to large and small commercial operations in Kamloops and area.

Contact Southgate Electric
1318 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC
(250) 318-7093


November 12, 2020

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