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ICC Canada

Business Type: Manufacturer & Supplier

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Mike Robinson
Location: Kelowna, Kelowna
Phone Number: 778-760-4032
Alternative Phone Number: 250-801-8046

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Business Type: Manufacturer & Supplier
Sub-Categories: Building Materials, Paints & Coatings


Golden Ears Bridge

April 1st 2018
This famous landmark the Golden Ears Bridge launched in the summer of 2006, it spans the Fraser River connecting Langley on the south and Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows on the North side. We have the pleasure of treating one of the most beautiful bridges in British Columbia. We’re able to apply PaviX CCC100 to a six lane span of 250,000 sqft bridge deck for long lastinf protection. This unique water based product PaviX CCC100 can protect concrete structure and other porous substrates against temperature and moisture associated problems, such as damage caused by freeze thaw cycles and chloride ion penetration. It keeps concrete reasonably dry, this eliminates all water and moisture related deterioration. PaviX CCC100 is designed especially to protect highway bridges. Pavix got selected because it's unique dry time efficiency with no harm to the open waterways below.

YLW Kelowna International Airport

May 1st 2017
Kelowna International Airport is your link to the world, serving 1.6 million passengers annually. As one of the busiest airports in Canada Mr. Sam Samaddar (Airport director) makes sure public safety is paramount. Kelowna International Airport is committed to the protection of the environment and always improving their environmental performance. PaviX CCC100 is a 100% green technology and YLW embraced the PaviX crystalline technology. Our continued relationship with Kelowna International Airport is important to us and we’re dedicated in helping protect their concrete one square foot at a time. With safety being their number one concern PaviX CCC100 is helping mitigate ice build-up and in-turn reduce any potential slip and fall liabilities, reducing ASR related problems (alkali silica reaction), glycol de-icing chemicals and keeping their concrete clean with our duel crystalline technology.

Vancouver Aquarium

August 13th 2017
Surrounded by water Vancouver Aquarium is the heart of Stanley Park. The Vancouver Aquarium is home to thousands of incredible ocean species and amazing aquatic life. Their experts work to protect our oceans but inspire others on their mission too. We were able to help mitigate thermal cracking and organic growth such as mold & mildew on their concrete. PaviX will self-clean their concrete to make it look new again. We will also stop moisture from coming through the concrete and destroying the substrate internally. We are able to use our product around marine life because PaviX CCC100 carries zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Chemicals), non-toxic and 100% Green Technology. We pride ourselves the fact we can permanently protect concrete whilst keeping the public and marine life safe.

Skogies Auto Spa, Kelowna BC

May 20th 2018
Doing it right for more than 30 years, the Skogland family saw the opportunity to protect their family business, each emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction, they stand by their pledge to get your car Skogies’s clean. Skogies is the perfect place for PaviX CCC100 because the amount of water an auto spa uses. Outside their shop front is exposed to rain as-well as food & beverage spills. If moisture freezes on their concrete then a slip and fall could occur. With a single application of PaviX we can reduce Ice bond to the concrete and mitigate any potential slip and fall liabilities. Those coffee & slushy spills over time will stain their concrete. We can prevent those stains from happening because PaviX CCC100 won’t allow them to penetrate the concrete surface. PaviX CCC100 will remove oil and grease stains too. With Skogies not only being an Auto spa, they have a gas bar too. As you can imagine oil & grease stains being a constant, these stains are an eye sore. With rain cycles the Hydrophilic and Hygroscopic crystals will work together and push any dirt, oil and grease out.

British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, Vancouver, BC

September 18th 2017
Established in 1984, BCIT is one of the largest post-secondary institutions. With their applied research activities bringing new products to the market place and address industry specific problems, BCIT noticed the difference our product makes once applied on their new 1300-sqft patio outside South-East building #10. With public safety being paramount, BCIT asked us to treat their patio for the safety of their students and faculty. PaviX CCC100 will keep this new patio area protected from Ice build-up and looking clean with long lasting protection.

Elijah Smith Exterior Project, Government of Canada, Whitehorse, Yukon

April 8th 2017
The main Federal Government Building for the Yukon. Situated in Whitehorse, Yukon a population of over 30,000 people means 2/3 of the entire population of the Yukon Territory lives in this city. This half million dollar construction project replaced concrete structures and pavers around the building. There were concrete coating applied over the fuel tank and parkade areas as well. We were asked how their infrastructure could be protected after seeing the salt damage to the existing site. With winter lasting eight months, there was only on product that could do the job under the harsh weather situation. Pavix CCC100 was applied to all new concrete structures built. Approved by Thibodeau Architecture and Design who manage many Government of Canada projects nationwide, were extremely impressed with the performance of PaviX. They not only have permanent protection, no slip and fall issues but ease of snow/ice clearing on concrete parkade areas too.