What is Prebid?
“Prebid” is information about a future construction project, available before the project is out to tender.

How can I access Prebid?
If you are logged in as a customer with paid access to BidCentral, the Prebid Projects are available from the Dashboard under the "BidCentral Prebid Projects" item.

What value does Prebid bring to me as a BidCentral customer?
Competitive advantage! Knowing far in advance that a project is coming can help manufacturers and suppliers, general and trade contractors, and other related businesses sell their services and make plans for bidding on the project. It also helps you know what’s going on in their community so you can network effectively.

What value does Prebid offer to owners of construction projects?
When manufacturers and suppliers, general and trade contractors, and other related businesses are aware of a project before it goes to tender, they can be more prepared to submit timely and complete bids.

Where does the information come from?
BidCentral staff gathers information from hundreds of different public sources and also through our relationships with owners and design consultants across BC. For example, local and municipal governments post zoning applications and building permits. BidCentral staff regularly visit these public sources for updates to Prebid information.

All these sources make Prebid information difficult and inefficient to find: that’s why providing it to BidCentral customers is a valuable service, and one we are happy to introduce province-wide.

Why do some projects have more information than others?
Project information depends on the stage (i.e. feasibility, consultation, design) of the project. Projects closer to tender will contain more information while projects still in the early stages have less information available. The BidCentral team is constantly working to update the Prebid projects with increasingly valuable information.

What do I do if I believe there is missing or incorrect information?
Give us a call at 1.844.855.2432 or email prebid@bidcentral.ca

How often does the information get updated by BidCentral Staff?

Can all BidCentral customers see Prebid information?
No. Only customers with paid access to BidCentral will be able to view Prebid information.

How long has Prebid information been available on BidCentral?
BidCentral Prebid launched province-wide on September 1st, 2016. It is currently in a Beta phase and is not being actively promoted. We would appreciate your feedback at prebid@bidcentral.ca. We are also building a customer advisory group; if you are interested in participating, please contact the BidCentral Team at theteam@bidcentral.ca.

What happens when a Prebid project goes to tender?
The project is transitioned from BidCentral Prebid Projects to the Public Planroom. To receive email updates and notifications about a specific project, click Tools > Notification Subscription.

What has happened to SICA Prebid?
All active Southern Interior Prebid projects are now included in the BidCentral Prebid Projects search.

As a SICA Member, why am I seeing two Prebid folders?
SICA has both a regional and provincial Prebid service.

How do I learn more about BidCentral Prebid?
Join one of our free BidCentral Webinars or contact prebid@bidcentral.ca